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Welcome everyone!
We are the students of 1ºBachillerato of the IES Aguas Vivas. In this blog you can learn several things about cyberbullying .
We hope you like it.
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Our Blog

In this presentation you will find information about the consequences that the cyberbullying could cause.

In this presentation you will learn some tips about the responsible use and privacy in social networks. You will find some videos about that themes.

In this presentation you can find information about the different ``characters´´ that take part in the cyberbullying.

In this presentation you will learn about the different tipes of cyberbullying, the meaning of this word. Besides there is a fantastic quiz!

The other day we were talking with a expert teacher of our high school. We asked her about what cyberbullying is from her point of view

Here you can watch a video where some students represent a posible situation of cyberbullying.

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This blog has a purpose.
Abusing someone psychologically, physically, emotional, through the internet... is not funny, You can really hurt people and sometimes there’s no way back. If you are the one who is suffering, tell someone,ask for help until it isn’t too late.
I hope you enjoyed, We have put a lot of effort on it.
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