24 Jan

This is the interview:

– interviewer:  What is cyberbullying in your opinion?

-Nuria: It is whatever behavior done through the internet that causes emotional damage because of exposing that person´s life or comments, pictures. People use it to make fun of someone.

I: Why specific people suffer cyberbullying?

N: Because They may don´t have a strong personality but  it can happen to anyone, lot of different people are cyberbullied not only teenagers, also famous people.

I: Is there something poople could learn to avoid being cyberbullied?

N: There´s a game in the USA. You get a thoothpaste and you roll it out, it is easy to do it but…. after that, Can  you put it in inside?NO. Same thing on whatever you post online .People need to controle what they post online.

I: If you are suffering cyberbullying, What you should do?

N: You need to ask for help, to teachers or parents. The first step to stop it, is admitting that is happening. You can even go to the police if it doesn´t stop.

I: Do you think later bullies have regrets?

N: There are two types of bullies:one who knows He is a bully and enjoys being, that ones don´t have regret, and other who doesn´t even think He is a bully, They say it´s just a joke everybody is doing it and if someone tells you, you really need to stop, stop.

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